I have to admit the transition to Telehealth during the pandemic has made life well, different. The computer I’m writing this on is elevated on a stack of cookbooks because I learned that makes for a better angle for the webcam. My files on the other hand, can usually be found under a sleeping cat. And we all know the technical issues we have to deal with now in order to get together online. If it ends up in a SNL skit; chances are good it’s happening to all of us.

But despite these disruptions, I’ve also found there have been unexpected joys, like finding a whole new depth in my relationships with clients. That’s because you come just as you are, barefoot or in slippers, in your living rooms or blanket forts. And I feel really fortunate to get the chance to see your fuzzy cat being held up to the screen or your dog’s latest tricks. I get to look at pictures and school projects you share and meet your little brothers and sisters. It is so rewarding to experience our shared humanity.

And here’s another twist that came from “going to our office” to this new social-distanced, PPE wearing reality we’re living; I held therapy sessions outside in a big tent in my backyard during the warm summer and fall days. While I continued offering Telehealth sessions, they didn’t include feeling the grass beneath my feet in the late summer sunlight. Or talking to a child about life while he is in a tree.

So, take in the good things that can come from this: Walking in the rain and being rewarded by a rainbow. Reading a great book you can get lost in. Or if it’s more your thing, Netflix binge – Just remember to go outside once in a while.

Together, we’ll get through this. And we are always here to help, at Here to There.

Be well,
Linda Holt Ayriss