Meet the receptionist.

As you walk into our office, our furry friend, Charlie, will often welcome you. Carol rescued Charlie three years ago, drawn by his quiet and nurturing presence and his love to cuddle and play.

Charlie has some special needs. He is deaf, so you might notice he startles easily and doesn’t bark. He was found in a kill shelter in California and brought to Washington for adoption. He is a trauma survivor, and we of course don’t know his full story but we do know that after he was rescued, he shook every time he met a new person. Carol worked with him somatically to help him attach to her as his new caregiver and to understand that he is safe in her care. Finally, he has learned that he can trust people again. He loves to cuddle, to go on walks, to meet new people and other dogs. Most of all, he loves to chase bubbles!

Two Friends

On a rainy winter night two friends got together over good food and a glass of wine to share stories. We talked over our years on the island, children growing up, and how meaningful a career in mental health has been. Woven through our conversation was the recognition of what a special place Bainbridge Island is to live. The connectedness and support found between neighbors, friends, businesses and community. We felt it was time to give back with the skills we had to create Here to There Therapy.



We found an old desk perfect for art therapy. Made a trip to Ikea. Gathered favorite toys used by our children and pictures for our walls. Found the perfect chairs, a couch with the right amount of softness, and a quilt for comfort.

In true Bainbridge Island fashion, we have had help with donated photography, moving furniture, business advice and referrals, as well as emotional support.

Thank you all for helping us on our journey.

Linda and Carol